Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bad Country Ballads

Here's A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)

I don't believe you didn't see
All th eharm you were doing to me.
Prancing around with you head held high,
Holding another girl with boots up to her thigh.
You broke your promise and forgot what we had.
So now that she left you I don't feel bad.
I  had only wanted you as mind,
But even alone I'll be just fine.
You ask me to forgive and forget,
And I don't t hink I'm ready yet.
She may have played around with youir heart,
But boy, you stabbed mine with a dart.
Now you're calling me just to cry,
So I have one t hing to say before goodbye.
If I give you a quarter, do you know what to do?
Call someone who cares and make them listen to you.

- Kailin C

Monday, April 18, 2011


April fool's day is what its called
Probably the funniest day of the year
Rude and nice kids love to pull pranks
Its orgin's unknown yet...
Laughter is heard everywhere!

The Mystery of April
The month of April is very funny
And eggs are left by a fluffy bunny
April used to end on the 29th day
But now there are 30 days right before May
April’s derivation is not certain
Its past has been closed like a curtain
Was it named by a king?
Who had big shiny rings
Was it named after a Latin word
That somebody overheard
Was it named after a goddess
Who wasn’t very modest
Nobody knows, so they just guess
They leave it up to you to decide the rest

Monday, April 4, 2011

Syllable Poems

I wake up to a snake
it lunged
and seceeded to its hiding place with grace.
He came out again
to be killed by my father.

- Mason S

My Time in the Sky

I once had a good dream
I flew
I hovered
I soared high above
Glided with a dove
Wind was whistling, my world glistening
Through my hand
Sifted sand
My time was soon gone
- Bailey